KUKE selects Wiserfunding to digitise risk assessments and foster global business growth

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KUKE, Polands Export Credit Agency and a leading supplier of trade-facilitating solutions, has selected Wiserfunding, a frontrunner in business credit risk intelligence to digitise risk assessments and foster global business growth. This strategic collaboration aims to increase the efficiency of KUKEs lending operations by providing real-time credit risk insights on buyers and sellers worldwide. Wiserfunding's state-of-the-art credit risk intelligence tools will integrate with KUKEs existing services, offering a more comprehensive and accurate risk profile of foreign customers and business partners of Polish producers and exporters.

KUKEs vision

KUKE's primary mission is to empower companies to engage confidently in global trade, fostering sustainable economic growth and job creation. "Our vision is to be a linchpin in enabling safe and secure trade and investments," says Katarzyna Kowalska, Deputy CEO and CRO of KUKE. "In an era of decreasing predictability in the economic environment and rapid changes in business conditions globally, our services are not just optional; they're critical."

The challenge of multi-regional risk assessment

One of the most significant challenges KUKE faces is the risk assessment of businesses operating across various geographies. Each region comes with its unique economic landscape, legal regulations, and business cultures. "Traditionally, assessing the creditworthiness and reliability of international businesses has been a time-consuming and resource-intensive task," stresses Grzegorz Kwieciski, Head of Risk Department at KUKE.

The need for digitisation

Given new challenges ahead of Polands economy and the growing needs of local businesses, KUKE recognises the necessity to amplify the digitisation of its operations to ensure agility, competition edge and customer satisfaction. "In today's fast-paced business environment, relying on manual processes and fragmented data is a roadblock to growth," ads Grzegorz Kwieciski. "That's where our partnership with Wiserfunding becomes invaluable".

As international trade continues to become more complex due to geopolitical shifts and market volatility, the partnership between KUKE and Wiserfunding offers Polish businesses a modern solution to an age-old problem. This collaboration aims not just to minimise risks but also to create new opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Wiserfunding solution

Wiserfunding offers an advanced suite of credit risk intelligence tools, tailor-made to tackle the complex challenges of global business. "We're excited to provide our risk intelligence and insights to KUKEs internal platform," says Gabriele Sabato, CEO and Co-Founder of Wiserfunding. "Through our joint efforts, we aim to substantially streamline and enhance the evaluation process for international businesses, marking a significant improvement in operational efficiency and accuracy in risk management".

Quotes from CEOs

Katarzyna Kowalska: "Our partnership with Wiserfunding is yet another important step in digitising KUKE which brings us to top league of trade insurers after introducing in late 2023 up-to-date electronic platform for customers. Risk assessment in international markets has always been a complex task. This partnership enables us to offer an advanced, data-driven solution to Polish exporters, helping them make more informed decisions. It also can impact KUKEs efficacy which enables us to stay competitive both locally and internationally as well as achieve satisfactory financial results.

Gabriele Sabato: "KUKE is one of the top European ECAs and has an exceptional track record of supporting businesses in their global endeavours. We are honoured to be able to support their mission with our powerful technology and unique expertise. Thanks to our solution, KUKE will be able to increase the speed and the availability of their support to Polish exporters by analysing all their buyers in few seconds and monitoring them frequently. Full automation of the digital lending process and early-warning system is a key success factor in todays digital economy."

About KUKE Export Credit Agency

KUKE, short for Korporacja Ubezpiecze Kredytw Eksportowych, is Poland's Export Credit Agency (ECA). Founded in 1991, KUKE has been at the forefront of supporting Polish businesses in their global aspirations, safeguarding them from various types of financial risks associated with international trade. The agency has a robust track record of assisting both small and large enterprises in securing trade deals and investments across borders.

KUKEs mission is to facilitate safe trade transactions and investments and to support the international expansion of Polish enterprises by providing a comprehensive suite of financing solutions. It aims to be a catalyst for economic growth in Poland through the internationalisation of its businesses.

About Wiserfunding

Founded in 2016 by Prof Edward Altman and Dr Gabriele Sabato, Wiserfunding is a London-based fintech company with a focus on leveraging advanced analytics to assess the credit risk of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Created by experienced academics and professionals in the finance sector, the company was established to address the existing gaps in the SME credit risk intelligence.

Wiserfunding strives to become the go-to platform for credit risk intelligence, bridging the gap between SMEs and financial institutions and enabling healthier, more sustainable business relationships.

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