A brand new storage ecology and high computing power mining platform IFIL came into being and turned out

With the rapid development of the digital economy, new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are becoming more mature and are applied to all aspects of social and economic life in various forms, all of which are inseparable from big data. With the advent of the era of big data, the Internet’s demand for data storage has surged, and IPFS distributed storage technology is an important driving force for change. On this distributed storage track, a new storage ecology and high computing power mining platform, Came into being.

IMpool_Ultron, IFIL for short, is created by the IFIL Ecological Development Foundation, a distributed storage and mining system based on the bottom of Ethereum. At present, IMpool_Ultron is using blockchain distributed storage, gathering massive data processing, and efficiently solving the problems of enterprise storage insecurity and the slow transfer speed of Bitcoin public chain. It is widely used in the storage industry, supply chain finance, mining and other fields. application.

Based on the needs of blockchain distributed storage and the existing pain points of the mining industry, IFIL is the first to deploy, through years of in-depth research, disruptive technology and deep industry resources, to create the world’s leading distributed storage and mining protocol— —The IFIL protocol breaks many existing limitations and provides end-to-end, seamless, high-quality, low-cost, persistent storage and mining computing power acceleration solutions for users of the original centralized storage.

At the same time, IFIL has also built the world’s first commercial-grade distributed storage + high computing power mining infrastructure to provide new solutions for the industry. Through personalized blockchain storage protocols, provide reliable, linked, large-capacity, high-performance decentralized storage access solutions for DAPP, and drive the realization of distributed networks, encrypted storage, consensus, gateways, digital asset payment, and digital asset issuance The implementation of basic functions such as mining and high computing power makes the smart contracts of the blockchain more practical and more in line with business rules, builds a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, and provides better support for enterprises.

In the future, IFIL will have a broader potential application extension, which will bring subversive effects to the global blockchain underlying technology field, payment field, distributed storage, DeFi pledge and liquidity mining and other fields.

IFIL is the revolution of blockchain 3.0, a leader in the field of distributed storage, and the best choice for value investment. , IFIL’s future market space is very large, let us wait and see.

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