If You Aspire to Start a Restaurant, You Definitely Need Him

The Kitchen is the Heart of any Restaurant and Moiz Master is popular among Chefs as The Commercial Kitchen Expert.

Moiz Master is the founder of Pune based ALISTER EQUIPMENTS, one of the finest Commercial Kitchen Equipment companies. ALISTER EQUIPMENTS sets up kitchens for Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries and Cloud Kitchens.  Their product range includes: Commercial Ovens, Stainless Steel Fabricated Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Refrigerators and Walk-in Cold Rooms, Cooking Ranges, Grilling and Frying Equipment, Bakery Machines, Coffee Machines, Commercial Dish Washers and many more.

Though Moiz is not a consultant and he does not charge people for his assistance, he essentially sells the best-in-class equipment and machinery, used in restaurants, cafes and bakeries. His experience and expertise of setting up more than 1200 restaurants comes in handy for restaurant enthusiasts seeking his suggestions.

Just like a pharmacist guides his clients while buying medicines, Moiz and his team helps their customers to start and operate, and run a restaurant efficiently, avoiding all the chaos and mistakes that happen, when there is no guide. This entrepreneur got us interested in him and his unique way of working. And we decided to explore it further.

Reputed Brands rely on him:

Mr. Ghashim Yakshi, whose Café Goodluck has completed more than 100 years in Pune, and whose brand Chhota Byte by Goodluck has brought the authentic taste to every mall and every famous street, describes him as—”Yeh apne type ka banda hai..”

 He elaborates, “Moiz not only understands what my Chef wants, but also what he will want. He deeply understands our business, and knows the requirement of my kitchens better than me. He designs our kitchens so well that our operations are smooth and effortless since day one. Whenever I want the Best quality cooking equipment, I just pick up my cell, and call Moiz.”

Start-ups kickstart with him:

When Mr. Huzefa Trunkwala launched his own Food brand, he gave the credit to the suggestions and assistance provided by Moiz. “I was actively looking to start a café in Nashik. I connected with various franchisor brands, mostly their brands were well known in bigger cities. But in my city, they were not famous enough to command royalty. I was the one who was going to make their brand known to Nashik, why would I pay them to do that” A very valid point, considered by many Start-ups. “That was when I was introduced to Moiz through a friend.”

“I knew his company ALISTER EQUIPMENTS, as some of my shortlisted franchisors were already using their equipment. I called Moiz, and on the first call we had a thorough discussion for almost an hour. He understood my point and suggested I should come up with my own brand. He also referred to me some good people who helped me start my brand: CAFÉ INC in Nashik. It is now running successfully and we are planning to expand to multiple outlets.”

Catering for All Cuisines:

Mr. Kunal Mhaske, proud owner of famous Restaurant Chains including Raasta Café, Penthouze, Coco Shushi & Bar, Cinnamon and others, validates. “When I and Moiz started working on big projects, which I personally look into and consult,” says Kunal, “I was pleased to find in Moiz a one stop solution for all my kitchen needs. My restaurants include Fine Dine, Casual Dining, Modern Lounges, Sea Food, etc. Moiz has an in-depth knowledge of various cuisines. His team is strong, and they take care of the planning and technical part of the kitchen from A to Z.

 After we decide the layout of the kitchen, he suggests the best equipment to be used, and that too, which is budget-friendly. The equipment provided by ALISTER EQUIPMENTS at our first project together, some four years back are still going good.”

Tips for the Aspiring Youth who wants to enter the food service business:

“At a seminar a gentleman asked me” says Moiz, “What should you follow when you want to venture into restaurant business- passion or profits?” I asked him in return, “What do you follow in your everyday life, your heart or your mind. His answer was: A combination of both. I said my answer is the same. Passion keeps you going, but profits keeps you growing.”

Moiz adds “Always remember, never start a restaurant, café, bakery or a cloud kitchen without passion. These businesses need your active participation. It won’t run by itself once started. Passion is very important, but profits are mandatory. So also remember to spend wisely, cut costs and invest in the kitchen rather than spending too much on interiors and other stuff. Coz the kitchen is the heart of your establishment. And if the heart is in good shape, you are definitely going to look nice.”

What inspires you to keep going:

“My Father, Mr. Shabbir Master has always been my inspiration. He has put in a lot of efforts to bring our business to these heights. The knowledge and the experience which I and my team use in our business is a gift from him. In-fact, even today, he works harder than me” says Moiz.

Moiz quoted his vision saying, “Don’t just Satisfy your Customers… Delight them!”

News Source: Digpu

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