HTX Earn Introduces 3-Day Term for Shark Fin Products, Complementing existing 7-Day offerings: How to Choose?

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The recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market has attracted increasing attention from both new and experienced crypto investors. Their primary concern revolves around the pursuit of stable returns, especially for newcomers. Shark Fin products, such as the 3-day and existing 7-day options from HTX Earn, present an attractive opportunity for achieving steady earnings.

How do you select the Shark Fin product that suits you best and offers stable returns? Let's delve into HTX's Shark Fin products and explore the path to profitability. In September of this year, HTX Earn launched a Shark Fin product with a 7-day term, and soon the exchange will introduce a 3-day term option for their Shark Fin products.

Advantages of Shark Fin Products

Shark Fin, a structured product, offers investors basic returns regardless of market trends, be they bearish or bullish. Additionally, If you make accurate predictions about future market trends while investing, you can benefit from extra gains.

Features of HTX Shark Fin Products: Assets subscribed to are fully safeguarded under any market conditions. When the product you have subscribed to reaches maturity, you will enjoy extra returns if the crypto price falls within your expected range. Otherwise, you will still earn a basic APY if the price moves outside your range.

By choosing Shark Fin products, you will

1. Enjoy short term subscriptions with good liquidity.

2. Earn industry-leading APYs and basic returns, with your principals well protected. The basic return is higher than those provided by fixed-income products. Even if market predictions go awry, not much valuable time will be lost.

3. Benefit from "bearish" products, which serve as hedging tools. The platform's risk management system works to eliminate risks and keep your assets safe.

4. Make easy subscriptions with just a few clicks.

Shark Fin products are ideal for risk-averse, conservative investors seeking stable returns. This includes professional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and those focused on diversification. These products enable you to secure basic gains while potentially earning additional profits, as expected.

HTX 7-day Shark Fin: Impressive Performance

HTX's 7-day Shark Fin has set itself apart from other similar products in the market with its remarkable performance since its launch in September this year. As of November 30, HTX has successfully issued 12 phases of the 7-day Shark Fin, each experiencing strong demand. The details are as follows:

Launch Time of Previous Shark Fin Products

Max. Subscription Quota (USDT)

Max. Subscription Limit Per User (USDT)

Basic APY

Phase 1

September 14

500 million



Phase 2

September 21

500 million



Phase 3

September 28

15 million



Phase 4

October 5

25 million



Phase 5

October 12

30 million



Phase 6

October 19

50 million



Phase 7

October 26

60 million



Phase 8

November 2

70 million



Phase 9

November 9

80 million



Phase 10

November 16

90 million

1 million


Phase 11

November 23

100 million

1 million


Phase 12

November 30

100 million

1 million


*Source: HTX exchange

The table highlights the continuous increase in the subscription quota and individual subscription limits of HTX Shark Fin products, with 100 million USDT and 1 million USDT, respectively, in the latest phase, respectively. Additionally, the basic APYs of the products have remained between 6%-8%. Each phase of the products has reportedly experienced rapid and full subscription shortly after opening, indicating high user acceptance and participation.

HTX's 3-day Shark Fin: Higher APYs, Faster Settlements, Earlier Earnings

According to an official announcement from HTX, the Shark Fin products with a 3-day term will debut soon, available for subscription starting December 11, 2023, at 12:00 (UTC). These shorter-term products facilitate more flexible investments and offer four investment options: bullish BTC, bearish BTC, bullish ETH, and bearish ETH. The upcoming subscription cycle for these 3-day products features a total subscription quota of 30 million USDT and an individual subscription limit of 1-200k USDT. Additionally, HTX offers bonuses for these products, with APYs ranging from 10% to 30%, lasting for an entire month. (Note: The actual APY may vary due to market fluctuations; specific yields will be based on the actual returns generated by the products.)

The key difference between HTX 7-day and 3-day Shark Fin products lies in the asset lockup period.

You may choose between these two types of products based on your research and analysis of market trends. If you have a more confident outlook on longer-term market trends, the 7-day products may be more suitable, as they reduce the need for frequent investment operations. However, if the market experiences significant swings and shows profitable short-term market trends, the 3-day products can offer greater flexibility. Please note both types of Shark Fin products offer basic returns.

It is worth mentioning that HTX will introduce a new "Auto-Renewal" feature for Shark Fin products by the end of this year. This feature allows for automatic subscription to the same product using your principal from the previous cycle, eliminating the need for repetitive manual operations in each phase.

Shark Fin generates its basic returns from various assets on the platform, such as loans and margins, while extra returns come from options, providing investors with the opportunity to enjoy higher APYs. HTX Earn manages these assets with strict risk control models at different levels to ensure asset safety and stable returns. In appreciation for users' long-term support, HTX Earn also offers additional bonuses for Shark Fin.

HTX's 3-day Shark Fin opens for subscriptions from every Monday at 12:00 (UTC) to every Tuesday at 12:00 (UTC), while the 7-day Shark Fin, from every Thursday at 12:00 (UTC) to every Friday at 12:00 (UTC). To make subscriptions for these amazing products, you can visit HTX's official website and select Shark Fin on the Earn page, or go to the HTX app and find HTX Earn for Shark Fin products. For a complete guide, please locate the Bulletin Board on the homepage > HTX Earn > User Guides.

HTX Earn serves as a dependable instrument for the management of virtual assets, presenting a range of products that align with users' requirements. It guarantees the utmost security of assets, thanks to the exchange's robust risk management system. HTX Earn is purpose-built to deliver top-tier assets for daily passive income, coupled with a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and convenient wealth management experience.

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