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Colorescience, a leading dermatologist-recommended specialty skincare company, is launching an innovative new collection of skin barrier-focused solutions, starting with two daily staples: Barrier Pro 1-Step Cleanser and Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer. Developed in collaboration with skin health professionals, this powerful but gentle cleanser and innovative moisturizer help to enhance skins natural resilience and radiance by strengthening and maintaining the skins protective barrier. Colorescience Barrier Pro provides ultra-protective, skin barrier health achieved through intense multi-level hydration & moisture retention, a balanced microbiome, and free radical-fighting antioxidants. Skin starts and ends each day strengthened, supported and more resilient with the Colorescience Barrier Pro collection of products.

Founder and medical director of Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic, and Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Zaki Taher is impressed by the complete approach to improving the skin barrier. The integrity of the skins barrier is pivotal to its overall health, functioning as the foremost shield against environmental factors. Our current understanding underscores that maintaining the skins barrier necessitates more than mere hydration. It is gratifying to note that the Barrier Pro line takes a comprehensive approach to skin health by focusing not only on augmenting hydration levels but also on supporting the skin microbiome and bolstering its resilience. This multifaceted care is crucial for the skins capacity to adapt and respond to external aggressors, such as blue light exposure. Utilizing such advanced skincare solutions can significantly contribute to healthier, more robust skin.

Barrier Pro 1-Step Cleanser ($46) removes makeup and stubborn mineral sunscreen in a single step no need to double cleanse. This was a must for Colorescience, the experts in all-mineral sun protection. A multi-benefit skin barrier-boosting solution, this more-than-a-cleanser helps support skins microbiome with a first-of-its-kind, patented Lactobacillus Ferment, a probiotic-like ferment that creates balance by favoring the beneficial bacteria that make up the skin's microbiome and discouraging harmful bacteria. Pink Pomelo Grapefruit promotes gentle exfoliation for a softer, smoother texture without skin feeling stripped.

Patricia Boland, Vice President of Research & Development at Colorescience shares, As a company that is known for our innovative all-mineral, water-resistant sunscreens, we have often been asked by consumers and our aesthetic professional partners how to best remove the layers of protection at the end of the day without harsh ingredients and multiple cleanses. Barrier Pro 1-Step Cleanser not only removes it all in a single step- it supports skins microbiome, improves resilience to damage, and leaves skin feeling hydrated, soothed and smooth. Used alongside Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer, these upgraded staples transform skin in a matter of days, revealing greater integrity and strength.

Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer ($78) helps strengthen the skins protective barrier, support and balance the microbiome, and refine texture with a patent pending ingredient blend, resulting in a more plump, vibrant, healthy, and youthful appearance. It features an innovative tri-molecular hyaluronic acid that provides multi-layer hydration different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid ensure lasting hydration and retention. The formula features a first-of-its-kind, patented Lactobacillus Ferment, a probiotic-like ferment that creates balance by favoring the beneficial bacteria that make up the skin's microbiome and discouraging harmful bacteria. Inclusion of a bioavailable vitamin E and hydrolyzed pea protein helps support skins adaptive response to UV exposure. The Essential Moisturizer also improves the skins adaptive response to increase protection from indoor and outdoor light, including UV and HEV (blue) light, and continues to improve the skins resilience and adaptive response over time. The emollient cream melts into the skin and prepares it for optimal sunscreen application.

Jessie Pasquarello, advanced practice aesthetician at Robertson Cosmetic Center in Madison, WI states, What I appreciate most about the Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer is that it optimizes the skin barrier and easily fits into a skin regimen for so many people. My patients have a range of skin concerns, from dry to oily, aging to acne and everything in between. The texture makes you want to wear it and the ingredients are proven to deliver results. When it comes to impacting skin quality and improving skin resiliency, the Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer and the 1-Step Cleanser are unlike any others.


Colorescience, the leading innovator in all-mineral sun protection, delivers transformational skincare solutions through wearable multifunctional products that provide immediate confidence and long-term visible results. Crafted for users who know that great results require daily skincare and protection, Colorescience uses cutting-edge technology and clinically tested formulas to ensure efficacy and provide reassurance to people of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Colorescience products speak for themselves through their wearability, published clinical studies, and skin-healthy ingredients.

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