Comprehensive Care: Obria Medical Clinics-Oregon City Prioritizes Patients’ Mental, Social, and Spiritual Well-being

Throughout various life stages, women may encounter a range of reproductive health concerns, including irregular menstruation, chronic conditions, fertility issues, and more. According to Obria Medical Clinics, reproductive health goes beyond the absence of diseases or infirmity; it encompasses a comprehensive state of mental, physical, and social well-being. The center’s team, comprised of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, and supportive staff, provides guidance to patients within a secure, non-judgmental environment. Guided by the principle of whole care for the whole person, the center strives to establish patient relationships that center on enhancing the overall quality of life.

Beyond a missed menstrual period, frequent urination, changes in appetite, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue are common indicators of pregnancy. Individuals seeking confirmation can visit the center for urine and blood pregnancy tests that detect the presence of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, produced by the placenta. The center’s team provides official verification documents, which can serve as proof for employers, insurance companies, and community agencies offering various services. Once pregnancy is confirmed, the center offers services, including the detection of fetal heartbeat, gender and abnormality diagnoses, as well as determination of fetal age, precise date, and location through ultrasound technology.

At Obria Medical Clinics-Oregon City, prenatal care includes educational health resources, support, lab work, physical exams, medical history for risk factors, and urine analysis. Patients can expect questions about their menstrual cycle, previous pregnancies, surgeries, exposure to potentially toxic substances/contagious diseases, medication use, lifestyle choices, and travel history. The team offers high-quality care without pressuring patients, allowing them to discuss sensitive issues like abortion, domestic abuse, or past drug use. While the center doesn’t provide abortion services nor refer them, the team helps patients make informed choices using evidence-based medical information about abortion procedures, options, and risks.

Many STDs/STIs have no obvious symptoms or, if any, are mild ones, necessitating extensive education for students, women, and men. Obria Medical Clinics tests and treats chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, and HIV/AIDS while teaching patients about their transmission, prevention, and risk factors. Part of the STD/STI testing can include a well-woman exam, which is an annual checkup focusing on the female reproductive system to detect cervical cancer, diseases, or other problems. During a visit, a physician/nurse practitioner performs a mammogram, pap smear, thyroid and pelvic exam, and other important tests.

In addition to physical health, the center offers a wellness program, Optimal Health Coaching Program, which covers medically accurate, age-appropriate, and sensitive situations/challenges patients may experience. The program touches on self-discovery, passion, healthy relationships, life goals, and purpose, from communication skills to conflict resolution, healthy/intentional decisions, leadership, or future visions/goals.

Whether childbirth/parenting classes, pregnancy loss programs, postpartum, maternity/baby clothes, baby food, formula, diapers, or after-abortion help, the center has various resources, patient education forums, and local referrals to empower patients to care for their babies and prioritize self-care. To make an appointment, call 503-908-1861. To learn more about Obria Medical Clinics-Oregon City, visit their website. Obria Medical Clinics-Oregon City is located at 333 Warner Milne Road, Ste. C, Suite 105, Oregon City, OR, 97045, US.

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