National School Chaplain Association Announces TX Proposal Awareness Campaign

The company’s latest educational drive sheds light on the importance of school chaplains in both private and public schools. The NSCA believes that having a chaplain in residence diminishes incidents of violence, increases school safety, and improves the students’ and teachers’ mental health.

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The proposed bill, S.B 763, permits schools to hire school chaplains as guidance counselors, explains the NSCA. Funding for the said project will come from funds allocated for school safety and doesn’t take away from existing programs related to the security of the schools and their students. The effective date for the bill is September 1, 2023.

Supporting this initiative, the NSCA is working hard to secure funding for school chaplains in Texas. They aim to put a chaplain in every school to bring prayer and spirituality back into the community, as many studies show the benefits of having a solid spiritual or religious foundation, including, but not limited to, better mental health, more respect for authority, and improved relationships with others.

From experience, the NSCA knows that chaplains create a safe space for students to access support, understanding, and guidance. This can be about school, family, relationships–anything weighing heavily on their hearts and minds, explains the organization. NSCA chaplains are trained to guide students with prayer and scripture, even those who are not Christians. The association’s goal is not to convert students or to accept Catholics or Christians only, but to teach universal values like love, respect, harmony, and obedience.

“The National School Chaplain Association was established to promote school chaplains as legitimate and necessary members of school staff through national standards and certification. Trained and licensed chaplains provide counsel, education, advocacy, life improvement skills, and recovery training,” a spokesperson said.

With the latest update, the NSCA continues on its mission to promote wider public awareness of the positive role of chaplains in academic environments.

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