IT Integration Increasingly Important in Healthcare M&As, Claims HealthTech Mag

The Health Tech magazine recently published an article discussing how the landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in healthcare is changing. In this article, the author talks about the importance of defining a thoughtful IT integration strategy and the role it plays in a successful merger or divestiture.

The article asserts that M&As in the healthcare sector are expected to grow exponentially in the near future.

It also discusses how not investing in proper data sharing and knowledge sharing through full integration means the business will never achieve the synergies the company is looking for with a merger.

To that end, ensuring that technology is integrated completely and securely will be of paramount importance.

Security, in particular, is essential as the healthcare industry is at a higher risk of cyberattacks, since hospitals store sensitive patient information. Without an integration strategy, the data being transferred could be at risk during parts of the integration process.

Fission Consulting, a company that provides due diligence and IT separation solutions to businesses, is especially interested in the insights provided by Health Tech magazine.

As a business, Fission enables smooth technology transition both in case of M&As as well as divestitures. The business agrees that a well-planned strategy for technology is essential for mergers and IT carve-outs.

The key requirements that Fission focuses on is ensuring that the needs of the business or businesses are met at every stage. Whether it is the integration of technology between the merged businesses or separating the bought-out business from the parent company’s technology environment, it needs to be carried out carefully and thoughtfully.

The company points out that an improperly executed transition could also mean a break in business continuity. That can lead to financial loss as well as loss of trust with customers.

To ensure that the transition is smooth and hurdle-free, Fission starts the process by drafting the new IT system landscape. That means understanding what technologies the new entity needs and planning out the best solutions.

After that, the company replicates the current systems before identifying and extracting the in-scope data. This data is then migrated to its new environment where the systems are rigorously tested to ensure they are performing optimally.

Fission also recognises that the new environment might cause uncertainty, which is why communication with the stakeholders and providing the necessary training to employees are a part of the strategy.

Finally, the company also understands that using and analyzing data is part of a successful business strategy. That is why Fission also invests in assessing the reporting tools so the client has the appropriate analytics data available.

In short, in an IT carve-out, each step has to be carefully planned and thought out well in advance for the best chance of a successful and secure transition.

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