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The newly expanded platform hosts a wide variety of blogs and videos that are intended to empower, motivate, and inspire swimmers around the world. The instructional videos provide athletes with tips on form and techniques, as well as guidance on stamina improvement.

More information is available at https://community.swimvice.com

The recently added educational content is intended to provide those with little or no swimming experience with access to an extensive suite of training materials in a virtual setting. The videos have been compiled by swimming professionals with the goal of helping water sports enthusiasts improve their swimming abilities, placing a special emphasis on freestyle techniques.

Those who are interested in enhancing their swimming skills will receive quality instructional content starting at the absolute basics and progressing to advanced techniques. SWIMVICE shares advice on topics such as breathing techniques, body position, kick timing, and strokes.

In addition, the swim coaching and education platform also provides a series of structured online courses that individuals can subscribe to in exchange for a flat monthly fee.

SWIMVICE also shares tips through its regularly updated video page, helping those practicing freestyle swimming learn how to swim faster, move shoulders correctly, make treading water more efficient, and implement a proper streamline form.

In one such entry, Coach Mandy explains the differences between flat and over-rotated swimming, and how correcting one’s form in these areas can lead to significant differences in lap time. Many of the SWIMVICE videos featured on their website are geared toward fixing common mistakes made by swimmers to help them improve their techniques.

For more advanced swimmers, SWIMVICE offers practice drills intended to cement the results achieved made in the courses through repetition. Similar content is available for novice swimmers who are just starting out, as the team behind the platform believes that starting out with good habits will make improvement easier to implement down the road.

SWIMVICE also hosts livestreams that give participants the opportunity to watch the coaches perform the techniques and ask questions along the way. These interactive events are available as part of the standard SWIMVICE package, and take place on a scheduled basis.

Additional details can be found at https://community.swimvice.com


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