Miriams Earthen Cookware’s Yogurt makers claim to make delicious, thick yogurt without using pectin!

Clay pot yogurt in MEC yogurt maker

Miriam’s yogurt maker pot keeps yogurt thick, creamy and delicious without pectin or any other additive or flavoring agent. What makes it better at yogurt making than a conventional pot?

Boston, Massachusetts Jun 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a pioneering cookware brand known for making pots and pans from pure and natural primary clay. They do not use additives or glazes and their pots are great for making yogurt at home. Making yogurt thick and delicious yogurt without additives may seem like a distant dream for those who have tried making yogurt at home and encountered issues like sour and runny yogurt, or worse, yogurt not setting at all. The makers of Miriams Earthen Cookware were aware of these issues when they decided to offer a viable solution – a primary clay pot.

Using a clay pot to make yogurt is nothing new. This practice has been followed by civilizations for a time unknown. A fun fact: Greeks made their yogurt in clay pots, and that’s why it turned out thick. People tried to imitate that and came up with the process of “straining”. No wonder the process of making yogurt is deemed a hassle by many because using any pot other than a clay pot can never yield a naturally thick and delicious yogurt. This begs a question – why not store-bought yogurt? Keep reading to learn more.

Why store-bought yogurt is not a healthy choice

Although store-bought yogurt is thick and may taste great, it is heavily processed, full of chemical additives, and contains artificial sweeteners. Some of the typical additives used in store-bought yogurt are thickeners like gelatin (glue made from animal bones), pectin (a bio-polymer acid, which is a lab-made ingredient), powdered milk, and artificial sugars. As a result, much of the good stuff is processed out and the yogurt is left with multiple unhealthy additives. But thankfully, Miriam’s clay pots brought back this naturally nutritious superfood to kitchens.

How MEC Yogurt Maker makes yogurt thick and delicious

Miriam’s clay pot is made from the purest form of clay – primary clay – after testing it in a reputable state lab to ensure there are no toxins that could leach and contaminate your yogurt. Each piece is individually handcrafted and uniquely hand-finished to give two-fold benefits: there is no need for chemical additives that are a necessity in any mechanized manufacturing process, and the clay pot remains breathable so any excess water can evaporate while keeping the liquid probiotics intact. This makes yogurt thick, creamy, and nutrient-rich. As an added benefit, making yogurt in Miriam’s clay pot is an easy 10-minute hands-on process that anybody can follow.

Steps to make yogurt at home with MEC

Step 1: Heat milk till small bubbles form on the surface, turn off, open the lid, and let it cool for 30 minutes or so, till you can put in your little finger and hold it there for 5 seconds.

Step 2: Add yogurt culture and stir thoroughly. Ideally, this will be a few spoons from your previous batch.

Step 3: Set in the oven with the lid on and the oven light on. Let it incubate for 6-8 hours and the yogurt is ready!

Health Benefits of MEC Yogurt

Yogurt made in Miriam’s clay pot at home is not just naturally delicious, it is healthy. It is a good source of minerals and is high in zinc (for cell growth and repair), calcium (for healthy bones), phosphorus (for bone strength and growth), potassium (for healthy muscles), and multiple B vitamins. You can have it plain or use it to make a variety of recipes (like these). Miriam’s yogurt maker pot can be bought from their online store. They ship worldwide!

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