Healthcare Alignment Solutions Launches Proven 3-Step Executive Coaching Process

Healthcare Alignment Solutions, headed by experienced executive coach, Carm Moceri, has launched a new website to detail its 3-step leadership development process. This process is aimed to help struggling leaders improve their leadership, gain confidence, revitalize job satisfaction, and advance their leadership careers …

The 3 leadership development steps include Discovery, Coaching, and Reflection.

It’s not uncommon for executive leaders to struggle in their careers. It’s also not uncommon for executive leaders to avoid coaching, when perhaps, coaching could be the key to bridge communications gaps and/or better meeting performance expectations. The 3-step process requires a leader to be open to feedback and tasks to change not the leader’s character, but instead, how they relate to their peers, subordinates, and superiors.

With Discovery, members of the leader’s organization are interviewed to collect feedback about the leader. This can be intimidating (or even embarrassing) for many, but the discovery process reveals where the perception of the leader’s own behavior is perhaps different than how that leader is perceived by the members of the organization.

With coaching, the leader and coach together create and assign ‘tasks’ for the leader to complete that address the discovered leadership issues. As the tasks are completed, the coach observes and talks with the leader about the effectiveness. Together, the coach and leader can determine if more tasks are needed until the leader feels comfortable with their development. Even then, many successful leaders continue their coaching to continuously learn and improve.

With reflection, members are once again interviewed. If the coaching was effective, the feedback should reflect positive changes in perception, both for the leader and the rest of organization. Reflection can also help determine how well the organization is meeting its objectives according to its mission, vision, and values. In some cases, a leader can learn that they are not the right fit for an organization and their talents would be better suited in either a different leadership role or another organization entirely.

Healthcare Alignment Solutions got it’s start when founder, Carm Moceri, noticed a growing need to help leaders excel in their personal and professional growth while guiding their organizations to achieve long-term success. Much of his leadership development work has been within the healthcare industry but he’s helped leaders in other industries as well. With more than 25 years prior experience in executive coaching, Carm Moceri decided to go ahead and start his own executive coaching and consulting business in 2007.

Carm Moceri is quoted: “We like to do things to connect leaders with their organization’s mission, vision, and values by going through the 3-Step Discovery Process. It’s a process that helped me, personally, succeed as an executive leader. It can be incredibly humbling, for sure. But the results can be dramatically career-changing for the better. If a leader is struggling, I highly recommend they consider executive coaching. Executive leaders can contact me directly or schedule a free 20-minute success strategy session to see if we’re a good fit for each other.”

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