SIPN Bourbon: A Community For Bourbon Enthusiasts Launched

SIPN Bourbon, a U.S based app for Bourbon enthusiasts was launched recently. helps people around the world who enjoy bourbon, to come together and interact with each other. It has been created by the makers of ‘Bottlecapps’, the only U.S company in the liquor selling space with 360-degree solutions, providing all three tiers of beer, wine, and spirits – products and services.

SIPN Bourbon is the first social media interface in the liquor industry to combine the elements of social influencer and social e-commerce in the bourbon community and create an environment where all bourbon lovers can join in on rating, reviewing, displaying, and learning more about bourbon. “It has been my vision to leverage social influence to digitally transform the liquor industry to the next level. SIPN Bourbon is a brand that combines the power of social media to deliver a one-of-a-kind digital user experience in a centralized platform that is focused primarily on the passion for liquor.” Says Dr Prashant Desai, Executive Chairman & CEO- Bottlecapps.

‘Social E-Commerce’, is a subset of E-Commerce where the buying and selling of goods and/or services happen within the social media platform. The user can essentially purchase the product directly from the social media platform they are using without leaving it or searching for it elsewhere. This feature of social media is yet to become mainstream. Not only does this amalgamation bring in traction, but also connects the customer to their choice of product or service, efficiently. And that is the reason why the team at SIPN Bourbon believes that social e-commerce is the future of e-commerce and turns it into one of their many USPs.

“When we came up with the concept of SIPN Bourbon, Bourbon was the first type of liquor we focused on. There were many established Bourbon social communities, however, each was created on a platform not designed for liquor. We wanted to change that”, mentions Mitch Patel, Chief Marketing Officer- SIPN Bourbon. 

Currently, SIPN Bourbon is focused on building its audience in its home base in the U.S, where Bourbon originated and is consumed the most. While it is distinctive in the way it is manufactured and aged, it is also unique in taste. To be classified as Bourbon, a Whiskey needs to be distilled from a mixture of grains, or mash, that’s at least 51 percent corn – which gives the bourbon its distinctive sweet flavour – and aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

SIPN Bourbon aims to educate people about bourbon by offering an immersive community, where the user can find everything related to Bourbon, including recipes and recommendations. They plan to cater to the audience by making it available for anyone to join by downloading the app. Because bourbon is enjoyed by the vast majority of the population in the U.S, they believe that attracting bourbon admirers as well as those who just turned 21 will be a manageable task.

The team also expressed their desire to expand into other types of liquor in the future. Starting with Bourbon, they plan to move into Tequila, Beer, etc. and transform into a universal app where they’d be able to collaborate with big brands. They are also devising a system where customers will be able to select from different options as per their preferences and receive related content.

To commence its journey, SIPN Bourbon plans to partner with bourbon brands and continue its presence on social media to get the word out to as many bourbon-lovers as possible and make it into a platform that is a place for liquor experts and novices alike.

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