Chicago, Illinois 2021 – Plastic pollution is one of the biggest topics that needs to be tackled when fighting climate change and lowering overall global pollution. Plastic made from fossil fuels has become a convenient yet extremely polluting item that is a part of our throwaway culture. Rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products is quickly overwhelming our planet’s ability to deal with them. Plastic accounts for 85 per cent of all marine litter and single-use plastics account for up to 40% of all plastic produced each year. Among these single-used, trash bags are often forgotten, yet they are an everyday part of this huge problem. Just imagine how many minutes, maybe hours these trash bags’ lifespan is? Yet it takes them hundreds of years to disappear in nature. It’s easy to see that we have to do better, for our planet and for all animals.

FRIENDS™ & SMELLY CAT’S™ “CRAP BAGS™” earth-friendly biodegradable pet-waste bags offer you the chance to become a part of the plastic pollution solution. These premium, disposable bags are made out of high-quality biodegradable plant-based materials. The bags will break down quickly and leave no toxic residue in the soil unlike plastic bags that do not disappear in nature for many years and leave toxic traces behind. Thanks to the addition of Totally Degradable Plastic  Addictive (TDPA™), the degradation process is sped up making these bags even more eco-friendly.  These economical trash bags are extra thick and large (9 x 13”) and come in a leak-proof dispenser  for ease of use. This unique dispenser has a high-quality screw-end cap that makes it quick and easy  to refill when needed. It comes with a metal carabiner that easily clips onto leashes, bags, strollers  and keychains. CRAP BAGS™ come as scented or unscented and can be taken everywhere and be  used in any setting, from camping to hiking, or they can be used for kitchen scraps or for pet waste.

The team behind the CRAP BAGS™ have an engineering and manufacturing background and they have teamed up with a manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in the pet industry. Their focus is their love for their pets, our planet and nature. As a family of brands of CRAP BAGS™, SMELLY CAT™ and FRIENDS™, they are asking for your support to help get the word out on these biodegradable eco-friendly disposable bags. Your financial contribution will help bring in mass-market brand awareness and make their products widely available. By supporting them on Kickstarter, you will have the chance to get your own unique magic cup or t-shirt with the CRAP BAGS™ or SMELLY CAT™ logo. Check the Kickstarter out here:

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