Live Pain-Free With Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Plus Carpal AID

Carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as CTS, is an extremely common affliction that can strike anyone who uses a keyboard at work or performs repetitive fine movements with their hands, like dentists, surgeons, and assembly line workers. Even construction workers who utilize tools with a heavy vibration, like a jackhammer, may be afflicted.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Often it comes on slowly, with just a dull ache in the wrist or fingers. Over weeks and months as the condition worsens, it can limit the use of the entire hand and arm, affecting strength and dexterity. “Carpal tunnel syndrome” is the name given to these symptoms that may include tingling and numbness, when the nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel in the wrist becomes compressed.

Can the symptoms of CTS be managed? In all likelihood, yes. Wrist braces used to be the go-to answer, but all they do is disable the whole wrist and hand. These days the better answer for many is a combination of stretches and exercises that keep the area supple and strong, plus Carpal AID, the doctor-recommended hard plastic patch that goes right to the source of the problem by affixing to the palm, where the carpal tunnel starts.

By utilizing exercises for carpal tunnel to help build strength and flexibility, and Carpal AID for symptoms, people everywhere are living pain-free and moving toward symptom-free at the same time.

Here are 3 exercises for carpal tunnel:

Wrist circles: Hold the arms outstretched in a capital “T” position. With gentle fists, circle the wrists. Go both ways with the circles. 4-8 circles each direction.

Hand blossom: Stretch all fingers as wide as possible, separating every finger as far as possible from the others. Draw all fingertips together. Repeat 5-10 times each hand.

Hitchhiker: Send the arm forward with thumb straight up. Use the fingers of the other hand to gently pull the thumb backward. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat other side.

“We at Carpal AID are delighted to offer a meaningful and effective solution for people who are living with the symptoms of CTS. This is such a common injury that it’s important to make sure people have options. Surgery isn’t a great fit for everyone, but Carpal AID is another way to live pain-free.”

– Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President, Carpal AID

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