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The company, created by professional makeup artist Barbara Yniguez, has updated its Astral Alchemy Collection with the release of glitter cream for eyes and lips, a non-toxic, cruelty-free plastic free product that results in less fallout than typical glitters.

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The popular color Celeste is intended to evoke the color of Los Angeles skies, pink against blue haze with the moon reflecting on the water, moments before sunset. It brushes on like a cream before drying to a powder-like finish. When applied densely, this glitter becomes crease-resistant and water-resistant.

Reports indicate that glitter in makeup is more popular than ever, for eyeliner and sparkly lip gloss especially. It is applied on both festive occasions and, increasingly, mundane makeup days where a subtle twinkle can liven up someone’s look. However, traditional glitter cannot naturally decompose. The bulk of glitter on the market contains microscopic, undetectable plastic particles which do not biodegrade. These microplastics end up in the water supply, the food chain, and, eventually, the human body.

With offerings such as Celeste, Supernova, and Aurorae, Wiggy Starlust uses plant-based glitter in a waterless balm-enabling application directly from the jar. It does not require the mixing of mediums, glues, or sealers. All Astral Alchemy products are water-resistant, crease-resistant, non-toxic, and one hundred percent environmentally friendly.

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For a bold and pointed look, individuals can employ a small, flat synthetic brush to glide across his or her eyelids, face, or lips. For a more diffused highlight, people can smooth the glitter formula onto their skin with their fingertips, and blend until achieving the desired effect.

Wiggy Starlust uses plastic-free plant-based glitter in a creamy formula to create a long-lasting product for use every day or on special occasions. Developed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, the company’s glitter is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus and bamboo. This processed plant material is water-soluble and biodegrades in the natural environment without any chemical interventions. Astral Alchemy is completely waterless, allowing the plant-based glitter to remain stable.

A satisfied customer said, “Absolutely love this product, it’s easy to use and aesthetically so pleasing. It’s not messy and is controllable. Not only is the brand woman-owned, but it’s made by a professional that just gets it.”

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