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Did you hire a fake a drug rehab marketing agency? Advertising agencies for addiction treatment centers can be slimey. Finding the performers is a little difficult. Learn how to spot if a drug rehab marketing agency is working?

Los Angeles, California Oct 7, 2021 ( – Behavioral Health Network Resources is educating on drug rehab SEO and how to spot deceptive drug rehab marketing agencies in the addiction treatment industry. The industry has emence competition with a lot of money being spent on advertising. There are patient brokering laws that must be obeyed and lawmakers that are watching. Drug rehab SEO has opened the door shifting the focus allowing deceptive advertising agencies to game addiction treatment center operators across the US. They are claiming to perform drug rehab SEO services that they will not deliver. They know once they convince an operator to sign on they will get 3-6 months of income before the centers realize they have been dupped.

Many drug rehab marketing agencies say they perform drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO. How can an addiction treatment center see through the smoke and mirrors? There are several ways to identify the good from the bad. This year it is paramount for the small and medium-size substance abuse treatment facilities to learn how to compete with the big players.

For many years the entire industry has survived with a buy rehab leads strategy. The main drug rehab marketing strategy was Google Ad Words and PPC. However, this short-term strategy is no longer effective for the smaller centers. They simply do not have the money to maintain the game anymore. This is mainly because of about a dozen players spending over $500,000 per month in Google Ad Words and pay per click. The good news is the small to medium size addiction treatment centers can compete, but they have to play smarter.

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers need to get better educated on the advertising side of the industry. There are some excellent drug rehab SEO marketing articles explaining search engine optimization. Finding educational material outlining the secrets of successful drug rehab marketing agencies is critical. One of these secrets is geo-targeting and a focus on key long-tail keywords. The big centers cannot afford to buy keywords on Google in all the major cities across the US. This is the opening the smaller centers need. The need to rank for terms like the following;

– alcohol detox centers (followed by their city)
– opiate detox centers (followed by their city)
– drug rehabs (followed by their city)
– inpatient drug rehabs (followed by their city)
– IOP drug rehabs (followed by their city)
– outpatient drug rehabs (followed by their city)

Google adwords will charge between $20 -$100 per click on these long-tail keywords. Drug rehab SEO when done correctly there is no cost after achieving page one rankings. Plus once a center stops paying for PPC all the marketing stops. This is not the case with search engine optimization.

If that is not enough consider this.

– There are 3-6 paid ads on page one that get 2-5% of page one clicks.
– The 10 organic rankings and Google maps get over 70% of the clicks.

How to find the best drug rehab marketing agency?

The goal when hiring a drug rehab marketing SEO agency is for them to get an addiction treatment center ranked on page one of Google. There is a simple way to see if they can perform drug rehab SEO. Simply search the long-tail keywords of the target market. Try and Google;

– drug rehab marketing agency
‘- drug rehab marketing
– drug rehab SEO
– drug rehab consultants

The results from these drug rehab marketing keywords will reveal the top performers. This clearly demonstrates that they can get a drug and alcohol addiction treatment ranging from drug rehab SEO on page one of Google.

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