ADHD Neurological Therapy – Children Brain Development Workshop Launched

The new workshop is tailored to parents who wish to improve their child’s behavior. Specifically, it will focus on areas of the brain which can malfunction to cause behavioral disorders, and ways in which these deficiencies can be treated non-medically through physical, therapeutic techniques.

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The purpose of this workshop is to allow parents struggling with their child’s behavior access to new treatment options that do not involve medications that may have detrimental side effects. The seminar promises to teach several of these techniques, which can easily be learned and implemented in just a few minutes.

According to a study conducted in 2016, nearly 10% of children in the US struggle with some form of ADHD, a number which is significantly higher than previous studies. This increase has been attributed to several factors, but in any case, it has left many parents searching for solutions.

In this case, the solutions come in the form of therapy and education. BrainWorx promises that by understanding the brain and the root causes of ADHD, parents will be able to get a more thorough picture of their child’s behavior, and will be able to treat it more effectively.

Specifically, the workshop focuses on the Pons and the Midbrain, two areas of the brain which can be strengthened through repeated therapy to ease the effects of behavioral disorders and learning challenges. The therapies seek to target these areas as they are especially prone to overload in cases where a child with ADHD feels threatened or overwhelmed. Mitigating this response by preparing these mental areas may help to ease symptoms overall and stabilize the behavior in the long run.

Other primary targets of the workshop include developmental challenges that parents may face in a child suffering from ADHD. This may be the most daunting aspect of raising such a child, and may be what causes the parent to turn to pharmaceutical solutions, which is something that BrainWorx is attempting to prevent.

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