MeDIA eYe NFT Portal: Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for NFTs

The Global Art Industry is valued at over 50 billion U.S. dollars according to statistics in 2020 has gradually experienced an aggressive transition into digital arts hosted on the Blockchain using non-fungible tokens often referred to as NFTs in the crypto space. NFT in simpler context refers to a cryptographic unit containing unique data sets, such as; text, pictures and audio embedded into the crypto token variants such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 native to Ethereum compatible blockchains.

The advent of NFTs on the Blockchain has created a new era of limitless possibilities and opportunities to distribute, track and store digital content on the blockchain. Liquidity created with NFTs which constitute and are fueled by NFT marketplaces and portals such as MeDIA eYe, which offer unique functionality and features to monetize, acquire and store digital content on the blockchain, while offering a seamless, secure and user-friendly experience.

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal is a “BaaS” – Blockchain-as-a-Service platform built to enhance and simplify the process involved in buying, selling, minting, collecting, promoting and creating value with NFTs. The Media eYe platform is built to be user friendly and easy to use on multiple blockchains in order to suit a wide array of user preferences and use cases. The platform is designed to support the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and other EVM compatible blockchains, as a non-custodial NFT Portal.


§  MeDIA eYe HUB: enables users to perform advanced searches for various popular NFTs effectively by aggregating various leading NFT marketplaces on multiple blockchains, hence providing access to the best selections, while saving users a lot of time and stress, when surfing and exploring the NFT markets.

§  MeDIA eYe HOME PAGE:   Provides a summary of top artists, leading collections, gallery events, rewards pools, popular content and special offerings.

§  MeDIA eYe CAMPAIGN LAUNCHER: this service enables a seamless and unlimited distribution of NFTs to selected addresses on multiple blockchains, while also helping to optimize gas fee costs to a minimum with its whitelisting feature capability. This is literally similar to bulk sending transactions which is useful for organizing NFT airdrops, promotions and distribution of collections across multiple blockchains.

§  CHARITY PLACE: this section allows users to donate to charitable organizations in a transparent way, all donated funds are 100% trackable as they are handled on the Blockchain. The MeDIA eYe platform allows users to transfer funds directly to the respective organization and recognizes donors with an exclusive badge of recognition highlighted next to their profile and NFTs sales from which the seller has chosen to donate to their chosen charity.

§  NFT MARKETPLACE: the MeDIA eYe marketplace utilizes various tools categorized as sections such as featured and popular content as well as auctions which users can use to promote their NFTs.

§  NFT COLLECTIONS: appearance plays an important role in the sales process and allows others learn more about your collections; this is why MeDIA eYe aims to create an enabling environment for users to personalize the “look and feel” of the environment displaying their NFTs in order to increase uniqueness and value.

§  EVENTS GALLERY: MeDIA eYe realizes the need to showcase NFTs by hosting events, promotions and unique offerings by individuals or businesses wanting to create and host unique offerings.


MeDIA eYe makes it easier for NFT enthusiasts to mint, buy, sell, collect and distribute NFTs for various purposes by using multiple blockchain networks, according to user preferences. The platform also focuses on cost reduction in areas such as interaction and bulk sending of transactions through gas optimized mass distribution of NFTs. MeDIA eYe further removes the technical experience barrier involved with NFTs through it’s easy to use, fun and stress-free platform.


The eYe token is designed to exist as a multi chain utility token with 1 billion tokens divided equally on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to constitute 500 million native eYe tokens to each network. The token derives its value from utility on the MeDIA eYe platform such as access to discounts, rewards, exclusive participation in curated airdrops and governance of the platform in the future powered through a DAO


The MeDIA eYe Platform will be run by a dedicated team of experienced technology enthusiasts and digital media specialists. Additionally, the MeDIA eYe team will be responsible for curating and moderating NFT content which is uploaded and distributed on the platform, in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their users.


As MeDIA eYe platform develops, gradual decentralization will occur through the introduction of governance rights for eYe token holders.

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